Monday, October 6, 2014

Rinse & Repeat: Create, Creation, Creativity, Creativishosity

Over the years I've been lucky enough to cross paths with seriously creative individuals.  Some make art, others music, a few form companies, while a select set find and inspire boundless wonder within each gloriously gifted moment we receive.

Reinvigorating. Challenging. And just to use the word again, Inspiring. 

That wave pushes you forward and momentum reigns.  It ebbs a bit, you drop into a trough and begin to wonder if your last idea was your best.  Ever. 

Perhaps the more times you ride those changes, the more comfortable you get with them.  Though certainly you wish it was more like a spring-fed and gravity enhanced river than the capricious result of wind, weather and tidal constraints of a great ocean.

And I don't pretend to have solved or gained great insights into the process.  But, I do appreciate when signposts appear along the way. The creative impulse remains a brittle found nest, and must be cupped, protected and tended.  Which makes me look for thing which help make sense of it.

This PBS snippet crossed my path:

The other thing of late is that I've been enjoying Creativity, Inc. in audiobook form.  

Written by Ed Catmull with Amy Wallace and read by Peter Altschuler.  It investigates a larger question certainly - how do you create a dynamic culture of creativity?  I'm enjoying the themes he has addressed concerning Trust and the role of the manager of a team.    And I'm more than a bit jealous of the work environment which has evolved over in Emeryville.   It's fun to pick off the ideas which can be applied to the task of VO character creation each day.