Thursday, July 28, 2011 Web Video Voiceover

Here's a quick little project from a couple months back - It looks like the new website went live. I did the voice for the video tour. The production group did a nice, clean job on the video and wanted a simple, warm, conversational read.

(If the embedded video above doesn't work for you, click through and play the video on the site using the link below.)

Mel Blanc Radio Interview - 1971

For many people in voice acting, Mel Blanc is one of the nudges of how we got there. Of course, with Mel's characters, "nudge" might not be quite as accurate as "frying pan to the face"... But, the characters that he voiced (as well as those of Dawes Butler) surrounded me growing up, and still provide inspiration and - at times - moral guidance.

Big tip o' the mouse to Sirenetta Leoni over at Inside Voiceover, who shared this wonderful interview with Mel Blanc over at Speaking of Radio.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tip O' the 'Trax Talk Blog

Got a nice little mention of the Hitachi video project over on the Voicetrax SF "Trax Talk" blog yesterday! They linked to the one which featured fellow Voicetrax alums Gavin Hammon, Mark Middleton and Aly Casas. I actually got to play two roles in this one - the stressed IT Manager and the concerned Boss. Great fun! Hopefully, I'll get the chance to work with these very talented people again very soon!