Tuesday, December 10, 2013

GamingLives.com Interviews Gene Mocsy - Writer/Designer of "1954: Alcatraz"

GamingLives.com sits down with Gene Mocsy, the designer and writer (and as we learn in the interview a character voice here and there...) of 1954: Alcatraz, which hopefully will be released from Deadalic Entertainment this coming year.   He talks about the inspiring environs he found both on the famous island itself and throughout the city of San Francisco. 

This has been an interesting project to be involved with - seeing it expand from an independent venture to a fully-realized release from a major gaming company.  But through it all (as with the video games which get me most excited) is a dedication to captivating characters and interesting stories.

It's an interesting interview with insights into the long process of creating a game environment.

... yes, an at times creeeeeepy environment!

1954: Alcatraz - Interview with Gene Mocsy, Designer and Writer

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