Friday, April 12, 2013

Oracle Endeca - "Changing the Game"

Finding this video was kind of driving me crazy, as I could see the link on the Oracle site for a few months (this recorded back November), but it wouldn't work (though the other video recorded that day with the talented Lara Asmundson seemed to work fine).  While poking around the site today figured out that they had added a gap in the video play string in the page code (and also found another page where it served up without a problem).  Gaps don't play nice in code...  Of course, it was about that time that I realized had also been posted directly to youtube. 

I'm the guy who speaks second, and has the info about how Oracle Endeca Information Discovery helped make things work so well.  My "boss" in this was read by Bob Makohin

(The corrected string on the Oracle site is here.)

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