Sunday, April 17, 2011

Audiobook Contest Follow-up

I had a couple of people contact me after they had trouble voting at the Neil Gaiman American Gods audiobook contest. I didn't realize that you had to register at the site to vote, and when you first register, it kicks you away from any page you had entered on (hopefully mine) and you have to find my voting page again before you could cast the vote.

So, here are some updated instructions:

1 - If you haven't already registered at the site - go here to do so -
2 - Then, go to this handy, easy-to-remember url - - to vote for my read.
3 - If for some reason, you get bounced from my page, you can search for me here - using the search term jimedgar (yep, my name, without a space)

Yep, it's a little clunky, but I do appreciate the effort!

Also, if you want to know a couple of other folks who I strongly recommend, visit the page for
Angela Noble and
Matthew Moy who are both a couple of great actors and fine people.

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