Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weird VO Dream

Probably because I was up past midnight finishing off the v1.0 of my voiceover website, but I had a VO dream last night*. We were pairing up for reads - we being many of the folks who were in the first round of the recent Voicetrax LA Idol competition (none of whom I'll embarrass by including their names) - and being shuttled quickly down a dock into a small studio that appeared to be in an Airstream-shaped building. Very shiny. Very silvery.

Anyway, there were three of us, and the woman had the lead character. I was reacting to her, commenting back and forth with another guy. The script just kind of ended - one of those times that just screamed for an ad-lib button. We tried a couple things that didn't quite work.

Then we hit upon it - we would break into song. Specifically, "Mambo Italiano"**, which seemed to complement the words precisely. We discussed it a bit, actually keeping it secret from the woman we were reading with, so that she would react realistically to our ad-lib.

We also understood that it was a risk. There was an air of competition to the rapid shuttling of groups, and we were trying to make sure that none of the others were close enough to hear our idea. We positioned ourselves at the microphone, got the heads-up from the engineer, saw the cursor start moving on the computer screen and started.

Which of course caused me to wake up. Drat. I had the fully conscious thought that it was going to be a spectacular take. Ahh well...

I'll leave you with it being done right -

*and I'm not going to make a habit of inflicting my dream imagery upon you. It's just that I seldom recall quite so many details... and it is a voiceover dream. and the studio we were in was pretty cool.

** and I know why this song was used - it's been a freakin' earworm for the last week or two, ever since I came across it while checking out a link from voice-pal Annalisa, who has been appearing in "Tony And Tina's Wedding", which is running in SF right now.

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