Saturday, May 2, 2009

Invitational Direct Thyself - 5/09

Normally after any good class, I'm pretty tired. After an all day "weekend" session, I'm even more wrung out. There's something about a full day of active listening, trying to "pre-guess" the teacher's analysis, recalibrating your impression versus the teacher's, analyzing your own script beforehand, the tiny little step of executing the performance you plan while, then trying to recognize the things that didn't go well while acknowledging that which did...

Last Saturday after this class, I pretty much just crawled on the couch and lay there for an hour and a half. I was seriously worked.

And don't get me wrong - this was probably one of the most beneficial classes I've had. But, it was a pummeler.

Ralph gave a great description in his post, so I won't duplicate that here. I will only add that performing "Undah Da Lights!" with no playback is a seriously good excercise, so I would expect to see Sam adding it here and there.

I'd also like to say,
"Hi, I'm Jim, and I'm addicted to playback."

Listening versus Hearing. Knowing versus Thinking. About a half dozen little corrections to end bad habits and set things up better. This was a high-value class.

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